Promoting high quality employment projects. Accelerated Appraisal Process. Supporting private sector delivery.


Thomas Lister Limited are appointed by Derby City Council to undertake appraisal of projects put forward for investment. The role of Thomas Lister will also be to support applicants where appropriate in bringing projects forward and identify the most appropriate funding mechanism to support individual projects.

The process for both the Regeneration fund and the City Living Initiative is designed to be as simple and as quick as possible for interested parties and the initial stage will comprise the provision of basic scheme information to Thomas Lister in the form of a Preliminary Project Assessment. Thomas Lister will then identify whether an Outline application will be requested and assessed for funding eligibility.

Thomas Lister will advise whether the application progresses to the Full Application stage, where the Full application documentation will be issued. A detailed list of supporting information and guidance notes can be found on this website. Each project would be assessed against a range of criteria including deliverability, value for money, design and sustainability as well as the track record of the project applicant.

All interested parties should contact Chris Thomas or Rachel Lister at Thomas Lister Limited (Tel. No. 01527 871 640) in the first instance and they will be responsible for all direct liaison with Derby City Council and the securing of all requisite approvals for projects going forward.

Application forms together with guidance notes are available on this website however would stress that applications will only be considered from parties who have been invited to submit this information

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